Welcome to Halsnæs Municipality a part of Region Hovedstaden, the Capital region. The municipality is situated in the northern part of Zealand, it covers an area of 120 square kilometers, and has a total population of 31,076 inhabitants.

Ever since the establishment of the first industry in Halsnæs, the business environment has been a major priority. The development in Halsnæs' business is to be sustainable, why the municipality is focusing on ecofriendly solutions, social economy and creating new jobs, in cooperation with the corporate network F5 among others.

Halsnæs Municipality wants create the best conditions for growth, collaboration and entrepreneurship across industries. This is to be reached by an ever closer dialogue with local businesses.

Halsnæs Municipality wants to be known as an attractive and innovative economic municipality, combining visionary framework conditions for business with the desire to use and maintain the municipality's many natural assets.

Halsnæs Municipality also wishes to be known as a municipality, which transforms policy intentions into concrete, job-creating initiatives and projects. This will be achieved by actively seeking out relevant partners and projects.

Please visit "Explore Halsnæs" for more about Halsnæs.

Sidst opdateret 26. maj 2016


Inge Ibbi Bak
Senior Erhvervskonsulent
Telephone 51 67 54 88